Who Are We?

Green Fork Nutrition is a privately run company dedicated to changing the way we eat food. Our motto, Eating Healthy is Ecological™, defines our core values through one simple philosophy.

Our vision is to raise awareness about the daily food choices we make — and to have people recognize how powerful of an effect they create — to actively improve their health, their society, and the environment of our planet.

Currently situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Green Fork Nutrition offers professional nutritional services close to home to over 6 million people in Southern Ontario. We host a wide range of nutritional programs, products and services for our privileged clients and we help them achieve their goals.

Green Fork Nutrition strives to exceed in setting a new standard of care by offering products and services that leave a positive impact on our clients and the surrounding communities in which they live.

Principles and Ideologies

Eating Healthy is Ecological™

Green Fork Nutrition provides professional consultation services for individuals seeking to endorse healthy lifestyles and ecological perspectives. Our nutritional programs educate and inform our clients, enabling them to make sustainable food choices for achieving optimal health.

Simplicity is Key

Our nutritional programs provide a clear and concise understanding of vitality through simplified concepts that are based on scientific studies and cited medical journals. Our certified nutritionists work with our clients to ensure they fully comprehend the concepts being presented, providing them with the knowledge necessary to fully attain and maintain a healthy, fulfilling life.

It’s All in the Cell

Understanding the necessity of nutrition begins at the cellular level. The human body contains approximately 90 trillion cells, each working together in a coordinated effort to maintain a healthy living balance throughout the physical body. Only by acknowledging the conditions necessary for creating a healthy cell can we begin to understand a complete concept of nutrition.